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Hello, and welcome!

I'm Darcy Matheson, a passionate game programmer with a love of procedural generation, gameplay and abstract problem-solving. Here you can find some of my best work, updates on my latest side projects, and a bit about me as an individual too.

If you'd like, you can also get in touch with me using the contact form below!


Unannounced Project | TBD

Gameplay Programmer, Level / UI Designer

An upcoming multiplayer puzzle platformer for Nintendo Switch, and my first work on a commerical project!


Cavern Collapse | 2022

Solo Developer

A 2D rogue-like precision platformer about descending into a randomly generated cavern to uncover a hidden treasure. Designed and developed by me in six weeks.


Undercooked | 2021

Lead Programmer

A first-person wave shooter about fighting overgrown fruits and vegetables with an amazing culinary arsenal. Created in collaboration with nine other students.

Development of interactive texture-based splatters

Procedural Generation • Shaders • Algorithm Design

13 min read • Sep 10, 2023


Side Projects

Here are some of the best side projects I've made in the past, usually these aren't made with the intention to sell but instead to practice or learn several new concepts that I don't have much experience with yet. But who knows, anything could happen...

Third-Person Paint Platformer

A game about discovering the world around you by splattering magical paint.

Cellular Automata Labyrinth

A 2D maze generator using a custom cellular automata algorithm I created.

Procedural Road Generator

A 3D arcade driving game with procedurally unique winding roads.

Coming Soon...

I am always trying new things to grow my skills in game development, stay tuned for more updates on my latest work!

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About Me


I'm a 21 year old programmer based in Melbourne, Australia with a passion for games and over 6 years experience with Unity and C#. I am currently completing my second and final year of study at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. I started making games around 2014 with GameMaker and haven't looked back since! My passion truly lies in programming and I love the incredibly abstract problem-solving opportunities it presents and the creativity required to solve them!

My spare time is usually spent playing indie games, participating in game jams and working on side projects which can also be found here as I continue to work on them. I love being able to design and develop fun experiences for others! I believe any problem, no matter how impossible it may seem, can be overcome if you put your mind to it.

Qualifications & Experience

Between 2021 - 2022 I studied at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, completing the Diploma of Screen and Media and Diploma of Information Technology in 2021, and then the Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development in 2022. While studying in 2022 I joined a small indie studio as one of two programmers on the team, working on their debut game for PC and Nintendo Switch, which is yet to be officially announced.

The majority of my experience in game development has been in Unity with C#, but I also have a few years experience with C++, GLSL / HLSL shader languages, and HTML / CSS which I used to make this portfolio website!

Some other areas I'm interested / experienced in...

  • Procedural Generation
  • Gameplay
  • Physics
  • Graphics
  • Articial Intelligence
  • Cross Platform (PC / Mobile / VR / Switch)
  • Tools
  • UI / UX

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